Based in San Diego, CA

what we do

Soulful, ADVENTUROUS, music-driven movement
experiences + coaching

Discover the power of flowstate with Soulfish Events. As a pop-up yoga studio, we specialize in private and group sessions, corporate retreats, and events centered around the art of flow. With 10 years of experience, Laura will guide you through transformative practices designed to harmonize mind, body, and soul.

Experience the serenity of our in-home sessions, or let us bring our expertise to your preferred off-site location.

Wherever you are, we'll help you tap into your inner flow, fostering creativity, connection, and well-being.

Join us at Soulfish Events and embark on a journey to embrace the flowstate within.


Experiences that extend a weekend or more, but memories and growth that will last a lifetime.


All aboard the Triton 75' luxury catamaran yacht for yoga, meditation, live DJs and a cruise along the San Diego Bayfront during summer months.

Personal Practice

1-1 movement coaching to help you look and feel your ultimate best. Yoga, pilates and strength offerings available.

private events & corporate wellness

We travel to the destination and venue of your choice to offer movement & meditation tailored to the needs of you and your guests, including corporate wellness.


meet Laura Monk

Creative Director - Soulfish Events
& lululemon ambassador

Having practiced yoga since she was 16, yoga has been a constant in Laura’s life in a variety of ways.  What started as something that could alleviate physical pain from athletic injuries, turned into a mission to find acceptance and acknowledge our responsibility to lean into the ebbs and flows of our path.  

Soulfish was founded on the idea that in order to truly show up for ourselves, we should not be either selfish or selfless, but SOULfish- putting energy towards the things and people that light us up, and allow us to be authentically ourselves, mind, body and spirit.  This includes the highs and the lows of life, and most especially, all the moments in between.  Laura’s workshops, events and classes, focus on moving meditation in conjunction with music-driven sequences, which are all designed to get you to your flowstate- focused and fully immersed in creating your life by design.

Laura is a certified 200 hr E-RYT that resides in San Diego, CA.  Originally from Michigan and Chicago, Laura was drawn to the west coast for the energizing atmosphere, ability to camp, backpack, surf and ski, and knew that there was much opportunity and growth to be had both in her personal life and career.  She has a background in commercial interiors, graphic design and event production, proving even more that life is not linear, and we all have many chapters.

You can find Laura at CorePower Yoga, Fit Athletic, UTC lululemon (Yoga Ambassador), Southern California and Central America